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Insignary Clarity – Open Source Scanning

Today Insignary announces Clarity, a solution to monitor security and compliance issues in binary code. A limited beta program is available now and it will be publicly available from January 2017. Insignary Clarity is designed to solve the “supply chain challenge” of reducing costs and increasing efficiency by using third party code without sacrificing customer safety or increasing legal risk.

Insignary Clarity builds on an Open Source framework called the Binary Analysis Tool (BAT). This was created by Insignary’s CTO, Armijn Hemel, and has been used across the IT market for six years to address compliance issues. Insignary Clarity increases its fidelity, adds advanced security analysis, a modern user interface and cloud or on-site deployment options.

“I built the BAT framework to automate Open Source binary compliance engineering. Insignary Clarity increases its utility for security and compliance teams by dramatically expanding their ability to monitor Open Source in the supply chain.”
Armijn Hemel, CTO, Insignary

The BAT framework, available as an Open Source project, is designed to be modular and expandable. Insignary Clarity adds enterprise support, “fuzzy matching” of binary code, access to commercial security databases like VulnDB, and support for automated build systems like Jenkins.

 “Insignary is the realization of a decade-long vision to help everyone make efficient use of Open Source. Armijn and I started with individual company compliance in 2006. Today we are addressing security and compliance across the supply chain. With the rise of mobile, embedded, IoT and automotive products using Open Source this is more important than ever.”
Shane Coughlan, VP Global Business Development, Insignary

Note to Editors

  • Armijn Hemel, MSc, has been using open source software since 1994 and has been  active in open source related activities for a long time. Mr Hemel was a board member at NLUUG and served on the core team of for many years and helped solve hundreds of GPL incompliance cases. Mr Hemel is the primary author of the ground-breaking Binary Analysis Tool and was the first to shine the light on massive defects in implementations of the UPnP protocol that left millions of routers vulnerable.
    Mr Hemel studied computer science at Utrecht University, The Netherlands, where he created the first prototype of the NixOS Linux distribution based on the revolutionary Nix package manager. He has published papers at scientific conferences such as USENIX HotOS, WCRE, MSR and ASE, and frequently speaks at industry conferences about license compliance, security and code provenance.
  • Shane Coughlan is an expert in communication, security and business development. His professional accomplishments include spearheading the licensing team that elevated Open Invention Network into the largest patent non-aggression community in history, establishing the leading professional network of Open Source legal experts and aligning stakeholders to launch both the first law journal and the first law book dedicated to Open Source.
    Shane has extensive knowledge of Open Source governance, internal process development, supply chain management and community building. His experience includes engagement with the enterprise, embedded, mobile and automotive industries. He currently serves as Vice President of Global Business Development for Insignary, a company providing insight into Open Source in the global supply chain.
  • You can contact Insignary for more information by emailing or by calling us at +82-2-547-7167 during South Korean office hours.


Insignary is a Limited Corporation founded in South Korea by an international team of Open Source and Security experts backed by venture capital. Key Executives include President/CEO Mahn Joon Jang, COO Taek Wan Kim, CTO Armijn Hemel, VP of Engineering SiHaeng Cho and VP of Business Development Shane Coughlan.

Insignary Inc.
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Telephone: +82-2-547-7167